On the ground floor of the hotel there is the CLUB restaurant where you can have breakfast and dinner, relax, chat with friends over a cup of aromatic coffee or a glass of famous Czech beer or try so beloved Becherovka, one of the landmarks of Karlovy Vary. Everyone will find a Becherovka for themselves: strong and tart Original, warming honey Cordial, invigorating Lemond with citrus notes or KV14 with bright flavourful taste and red wine.

We pay much attention to the quality of our meals. We use only the freshest products of the highest quality for all dishes. We are sure you will enjoy the excellent taste of the dishes prepared in our restaurant.

The SALVE is for those who are attentive to the nutrition of their family and prefer real quality and taste.

At our restaurant, you can taste dishes of Czech and international cuisines.

Our mission is to provide every guest with delicious, healthy, natural and fresh food that will enhance the effect of health recovery procedures.

We are pleased and proud to present you a wide choice of dishes made from high-quality products produced at the best enterprises and farms and cooked at our restaurant. We try to vary and diverse the assortment of dishes of the buffet on different days of the week.

The hotel restaurant uses and offers 100% natural dairy products, always fresh and juicy vegetables and fruit for breakfast and dinner, as well as salads prepared from them, cold and hot snacks, sausages, fresh fish and vegetables, steamed or stewed in spicy sauce. A variety of meat dishes from turkey, pork, beef, chicken, rabbit are among the favourites of our guests. Moreover, we have delicious and irresistible desserts: delightful strudels, marvelous pastries and much more.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary taste and choice of bakery products. Due to the composition of our bread made from natural ingredients, it strengthens immunity, reduces cholesterol level, improves calcium and vitamins absorption ability and the composition of the intestinal flora, maintains a constant level of sugar in the blood, thereby helping to reduce weight.

Our little guests are also very important for us, and we also have a children’s menu.

We offer buffet service to our guests.

*** In exceptional cases, the hotel reserves the right to change buffet meal to a continental breakfast without prior notice to guests.


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